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The Vitali Family Store is located in Chiari in the Province of Brescia, surrounded by the Lombardy countryside and a few kilometers from Franciacorta. Our shop offers a wide range of food products. Dairy products, sausages, cured meats, dairy products, hams, cuts of beef and pork, white meat of chicken and hen, bread, fresh pasta and typical products of the Brescia tradition.
In our store you can find the courtesy typical of the people of Campagna. We are at your disposal for any advice, to make the most of our products in your recipes, to be able to provide the best product to suit your needs.

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Respect for the Earth, love of animals. Attention to detail, passion for our work. These are the values of the Vitali family and with these values we work every day to bring to your table products that are genuine, controlled and have an eco-sustainable production path. Many things have changed since our ancestors, in the Bergamo valleys, began to cultivate the land and raise livestock, but one thing has remained unchanged: the tradition of flavors. These are the places that have given us the knowledge and experience that we exploit today in our work.



The experience, the techniques, the passion for work have been handed down from generation to generation. Many products are processed entirely by our family, from raw materials to final production. It’s the taste that makes us proud of our work and is our daily mission. The Vitali family works to make your life tasty.

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